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Backed by the web and graphics designers, our marketing team were instructed to come up with ideas for Jotolots new product line. Their mouse pad product took the standard mouse mat to new heights, with individually designed leaves of quality paper which were perfect for use as a computer mousing surface. Whilst Euro 2004 was fast approaching, our clients immediately agreed it was the perfect opportunity to test their idea. Under a short time frame our graphics team designed a mat and our web team created a new website and shopping process.

Jotolot were extremely pleased with the results, our suggestion of unique player caricatures sidestepped the issue of copyright and several of the designs we produced were placed individually throughout the pad. Our marketing team went on to set up "Google" search engine advertising just prior to the competition to ensure everything was in place..


Jotolot Drafts

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The Brief:

Jotolot, a paper cutting company, decided that they could optimise the use of their machinery for their own products. They approached our marketing team for an end to end solution.

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